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Top 3 Digital Planners for iPad Mini apple tablet in 2024

Top 3 Digital Planners for iPad Mini apple tablet in 2024

The Best Digital Planners for iPad Mini

Top 3 digital planners for ipad mini apple tablet in 2024 2025

In the digital age, the concept of planning has evolved beyond the traditional pen and paper, giving rise to the digital planner. A digital planner is essentially a PDF planner designed to be used within note-taking applications on the iPad Mini, merging the tactile feel of handwriting with the convenience and versatility of digital tools. This innovative approach to digital planning utilizes applications such as GoodNotes, Notability, Noteshelf and CollaNotes among others, allowing users to write, draw, and customize their planners with a stylus or Apple Pencil. These applications transform the iPad Mini into a powerful digital planning tool, offering a seamless blend of functionality and creativity for managing daily tasks, schedules, and goals.

Table of Contents
  1. Digital Happy Planner | iPad Mini Compatible
  2. Digital Simple Planner | GoodNotes Weekly Template
  3. Hour Day GoodNotes Digital Planner
  4. FAQs on Digital Planning
Digital Happy Planner | iPad Mini Compatible

01. Digital Happy Planner | iPad Mini Compatible

Price: $9.95
Download: here

Overview: The Digital Happy Planner emerges as a vibrant, vertical-oriented planner, making it the perfect digital happy planner mini planner for iPad Mini users. This planner, priced at just $9.95, brings together style and functionality for digital daily planning, from January to December 2024.

  • Visual Aesthetic: A lively interface with colorful tabs makes planning an engaging experience, embodying the essence of the digital happy planner 2024.
  • Key Features: Includes a full year's worth of hyperlinked calendars and templates, embodying the spirit of my planners with an effortless navigation experience.

Customization Is Key: Personalize your planner to reflect your style and meet your needs. With the Digital Happy Planner, you can add digital stickers for GoodNotes, making your planner not only a tool for organization but also a reflection of your personality. Customization can make the planning process more enjoyable and ensure that you consistently use your planner.

digital stickers inside of digital happy planner
Digital Stickers on Digital Happy Planner

Personal Insights: In a candid discussion, I share insights from my experience with digital planners, emphasizing the digital happy planner size as ideal for iPad Mini and the seamless digital planning facilitated by my links in each planner, ensuring an intuitive navigation experience.


Digital Simple Planner | GoodNotes Weekly Template

02. Digital Simple Planner | GoodNotes Weekly Template

Price: $25
Download: my link

Overview: Introducing the Digital Simple Planner, a landscape digital notebook with a weekly landscape template that simplifies planning with a clean, streamlined design. This horizontal planner is ideal for those who prefer a more straightforward, digital simple planners approach.


digital simple planner | goodnotes weekly planner template
  • Visual Aesthetic: The planner’s minimalist design is enhanced with custom illustrations, offering a clutter-free planning environment.
  • Key Features: Hyperlinked calendars and an array of planning pages make it a standout iPad digital planner, especially for GoodNotes users.
  • Weekly planner pages featuring horizontal lines for detailed planning. Its landscape orientation and hyperlinked calendars ensure that navigation is both easy and intuitive.


Hour Day GoodNotes Digital Planner

03. Hour Day GoodNotes Digital Planner

Price: $15.50
Download: here

Overview: The Hour Day GoodNotes Digital Planner stands as a meticulously crafted, vertical planner for those who love detail. With digital daily planner hour by hour scheduling, it's a digital day planner that offers unparalleled precision.

  • Visual Aesthetic: Clean, white backgrounds with vibrant tabs facilitate easy navigation, making every planning session a joy.
  • Key Features: With its hour by hour planner template, this planner supports detailed scheduling and includes monthly note pages for additional reflections.
  • Hourly Planning at Its Best: This planner is ideal for users looking for a digital daily planner hour by hour template, providing a structured framework for detailed planning. The digital happy planner 2024 ensures that every hour is accounted for, making it one of the best planners for iPad users who thrive on precision and detail.
hour day digital planner for digital planning in ipad mini

Integration with Daily Life: Incorporate your digital planner into your daily routine. Use it to:

  • track your appointments,
  • set reminders for your tasks, and
  • jot down notes during meetings or lectures.

The hour by hour planner template in the Hour Day GoodNotes Digital Planner, for example, is perfect for those who need to manage their time meticulously throughout the day.

Digital Planning Explained: Digital planning combines the traditional aspects of planning with the advanced features of digital tools, such as digital calendars and hour by hour templates. Whether through specialized calendar apps synced with Google Calendar and iOS Calendar or using PDF planners for handwritten digital planning, each method offers its pros and cons. Digital planners provide the flexibility of easy edits and the addition of digital stickers, while app-based planning offers real-time sync across devices.


digital planning withing ipad mini and apple pencil

Digital Planning on iPad Mini: A New Era

Digital planning on iPad Mini offers a flexible and efficient way to manage schedules, tasks, and notes. Whether you prefer using specialized calendar apps in conjunction with Google Calendar and iOS Calendar or opt for PDF planners for handwritten digital planning, the iPad Mini is the perfect device for on-the-go organization.

Pros and Cons: Specialized calendar apps offer synchronization and reminders, making them ideal for users who need real-time updates. However, PDF planners provide a more personalized planning experience, with the ability to use digital stickers and handwritten notes for a unique touch.

digital planning inside digital planner for ipad mini apple tablet
Making the Most of Your Digital Planner

Digital planners have revolutionized the way we organize our lives, blending the tactile satisfaction of handwriting with the convenience of digital technology. For iPad Mini users, this means having a powerful planning tool right at their fingertips. Here's how to maximize the benefits of your digital planner:

FAQs on Digital Planner

FAQs on Digital Planning

  • What Are Digital Stickers? 

  • Digital stickers are creative elements that can be added to digital planners for customization and fun. They offer a way to personalize your planner and make planning an enjoyable activity.

  • How to Use a Digital Planner on iPad?

  • To use a digital planner on iPad, simply download your preferred planner to a note-taking app like GoodNotes, then use an Apple Pencil or stylus to start planning. Hyperlinks within the planner allow for easy navigation between pages.

  • What to Put in a Digital Planner?

  • A digital planner can include your schedule, to-do lists, goals, habit trackers, and personal notes. The flexibility of digital planners means you can customize the content to suit your needs.

  • How to Download Digital Planner to GoodNotes?

  • Downloading a digital planner to GoodNotes is straightforward. Purchase and download your planner, then open GoodNotes and select the import option. Navigate to where your planner is saved, and import it into GoodNotes for use. Watch the Video tutorial here 

  • How to Use Paperlike Digital Planner?

  • The main rules are the same as for all cyro PDF planners. Import the planner into your favorite note-taking app on your iPad and start digital planning. Using a Paperlike digital planner enhances the tactile feel of writing on an iPad, mimicking the sensation of paper. Simply apply a Paperlike screen protector to your iPad Mini, download your digital planner, and use an Apple Pencil to experience near-authentic paper writing.

  • What Is the Best Digital Planner App for iPad?

  • Beyond PDF planners, a variety of dedicated digital planning applications are available, offering an alternative approach to organizing your schedule.

    Among the leading digital planning apps are:

    It's important to verify device compatibility, as some apps may require the latest iPadOS versions. Additionally, several apps boast cross-device synchronization, allowing seamless planning across your iPad, iPhone, or even Apple Watch.

    For those seeking simpler organization tools, task management apps like Todoist provide streamlined solutions for managing daily tasks and reminders.

  • How to Use iPad as a Daily Planner?

  • To use your iPad as a daily planner, choose a digital planner that suits your needs, download it to a note-taking app, and start planning. Utilize features like hyperlinks for navigation, and don’t forget to explore additional functionalities like digital stickers to enhance your planning experience.

  • How to Use Stickers in Digital Planners?

    Digital stickers, typically images in PNG format with transparent backgrounds or JPGs with white backgrounds, add a personalized touch to your planning. Transparent stickers can be easily inserted via the Gallery tool in GoodNotes, Notability, or any other note-taking app. For stickers collected in a Digital Sticker Book, you simply copy a sticker from the document and paste it into your Digital Planner. This process allows for seamless integration of decorative elements into your planning space, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of your digital planner.

  • How to Create a Digital Planner in GoodNotes 5 or 6?

    Creating a digital planner in GoodNotes 5 involves compiling a set of free templates and adding hyperlinks for navigation between pages. This DIY approach allows for a highly customized planner tailored to your specific needs. For a detailed guide on creating your digital planner complete with hyperlinks, refer to my separate article (link to be provided), which walks you through the process step-by-step quide.

  • What Is a Digital Planner?

    A digital planner is essentially a PDF file with various page designs, typically interconnected by hyperlinks to facilitate navigation. Most planners feature monthly tabs with hyperlinks for easy movement between month templates, and all calendars link to daily or weekly spreads. Some planners might not have separate monthly tabs but rather text blocks with the month's name for simpler designs. To utilize such planners, applications like GoodNotes and others are necessary for handwritten note-taking on tablets.

  • What Is the Best Planner for iPad?

    The best planners for iPad are undoubtedly My Planners from PhotoMaterial Company or iPadPlanner Company by Andrew Hryshchenko. These planners are designed with the user in mind, offering a range of features and customization options to suit various planning styles and preferences. Their intuitive design and comprehensive functionality make them stand out as top choices for iPad users.

  • How to Download Digital Planner to iPad?

    After purchasing a digital planner, most stores send an automatic download link to the customer's email. To download the planner on your iPad, open this link on the device and save the PDF planner to your files. However, it's recommended to import the planner directly into a note-taking app for immediate use. Detailed instructions for this process can be found here (link to be provided).

  • How to Use Hyperlinks in Digital Planners?

    In most note-taking apps like Notability, Noteshelf, and CollaNotes, hyperlinks are active by default. Tapping on a date or tab will either automatically take you to the linked page or prompt a "Go to Link?" confirmation. In GoodNotes, however, to activate hyperlinks, you must switch to Reading Mode ( Pencil Button in the top midle for GN6 and in the right top for the GN5). Only then will all hyperlinks in the planner become active, ensuring smooth navigation throughout your digital planner. GoodNotes Tutorial is Here


Top 3 Digital Planners for iPad Mini apple tablet in 2024 2025
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