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How To Make A Planner With GoodNotes for Free

How To Make A Planner With GoodNotes for Free

Thinking of how to make a free digital planner using GoodNotes and make hyperlinks in it.

I'll tell you what is possible and what is not.  We'll need Goodnotes 5 and patience. Begin

1. Create a quick note

Quick Note creation in goodnotes 5

In GoodNotes, you can find different page template for the Monthly page and the Weekly page.

2. Push Change Template

How To change goodnotes page template for digital planning

Scroll down and select Monthly Page Template. There are two options - on a white sheet and on a yellowish one that looks like real paper

Choose Digital Planner Monthly page template in goodnotes

We create another page. Immediately choose an template of a weekly planner page

Choose GoodNotes weekly planner page template

To quickly create the required number of pages for weekly spreads - just swipe the page from left to right until you see the icon for adding a new page. The new page will have the same design as the last page in the GoodNotes 5

How To Duplicate Page in goodnotes 5

I recommend that you save the current project so that you do not accidentally delete the created pages. The fact is that when we create a quick note in GoodNotes, we must save it. Otherwise, we can lose the document when closing it

To save a quick note to GoodТotes - press the return to document library button and press Save

how to save document in goodnotes

Let's plan together

Now fill in your digital planner pages in GoodNotes. Write dates on monthly spread and weekly planner pages.

Create planner pages for all other months and weeks as described above

How to create hyperlinks in digital planner in GoodNotes

At the moment, GoodNotes does not support creating active hyperlinks to pages or external resources within GoodNotes tools.

But we can use a little tip and trick for goodnotes

We can use bookmarks to quickly navigate between the months of our pdf planner that we created in GoodNotes

  1. Open the page overview 
  2. Bookmark every month in this simple planner

how to use bookmarks in goodnotes

How to use bookmarks to navigate between pages in GoodNotes

  • Open document page view 
  • Open Favorite Bookmarks 
  • Click on the desired month and you will find yourself on this page

favorite goodnotes tool bar for bookmark a pages

Let's summarize the results of creating a digital planner in goodnotes

Of course, Bookmarking is not a substitute for full-fledged hyperlinks for navigating dates between the planner pages. Building complete links in a digital planner for goodness is a very time-consuming process. You can make a simple weekly planner interactive for a day or less, and a complex daily planner can take a whole week of work from you if you are a beginner. 

 If you value your time, look at my dated digital planners with hyperlinks for goodness, notability, and other iPad note-taking apps. 

 PUSH this button and see new planners for 2021 2022 planning.

GoodNotes Digital Daily Planner

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