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Digital Weekly Hourly Planner for 2024 2025


What is Digital Hourly Planner?  It is PDF DIgital file with hyperlinks for navigation between 2024 2025 calendar dates. 
This Planner Works in Note-taking apps - such as GoodNotes, Noteshelf, Notability, PDF Expert.

Week Planner by 1-hour timelines. iPad Planner has 24 months with  January 2024 - December 2025

HOW TO USE THIS DIGITAL WEEKLY HOURLY PLANNER for GoodNotes or Notability or Noteshelf? 

1) Take iPad with Apple Pencil

2) Install One of these Note-taking app - GoodNotes or Notability or Noteshelf or ZoomNotes (only 1 app)

3) Import my planner there

You will receive 2 best hourly planners with a Monday start calendar and Sunday start calendar 

1-hour timeline

═══════ > FEATURES < ═══════
2 files - Monday start calendar planner and Sunday start calendar planner 

Start - Jan 2024 - Dec 2025

The PDF file with 525 pages and 48354 hyperlinks for navigation between dates 

1) Monthly Pages (24 months) 
2) Weekly Pages
3) Additional Pages
4) Year Planner Pages

5) Monthly Notes Pages  (10 lined pages for each month) 

 you can use this Weekly Planner for Weekly planning and Monthly digital planning


Video Tutorial 

How to Import Planner into GoodNotes or Notability

HOW TO USE hyperlinks in Goodnotes 5

HOW TO USE hyperlinks in Notability

updated 15/03/2024