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Digital Daily Planner With Day Notes Pages for 2024 - 2025


Digital Daily Planner With Additional Day Notes Pages for GoodNotes 5 and GoodNotes 6 note-taking app and Notability app

This digital planner designed for handwritten input on an iPad using a stylus is a convenient tool for organizing your time and tasks. It allows you to plan and take notes on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, enabling efficient management of your schedule.

The planner is specifically crafted for use on iPad devices with the GoodNotes 5 - 6  and Notability apps installed. It offers two calendar options: starting the week on Monday or Sunday. The calendar period of the planner covers events from 

June 2024 to May 2026, spanning 24 months.

You can utilize this Digital Daily Planner for various purposes, from daily planning and note-taking during business meetings or brainstorming sessions to weekly planning and monthly digital planning on the iPad.

One of the key features of the planner is its versatility. It contains approximately 2000 pages and 256,384 hyperlinks, ensuring quick navigation between dates. This significantly simplifies finding the necessary information and accelerates access to specific entries in the planner.

The use of digital planners, like this one, has become increasingly essential and important for effective time management and increased productivity. They allow easy structuring and organizing of your day, aid in planning tasks for the week and month, and provide a convenient way to keep a journal or take notes to track progress and achieve goals. With the Digital Daily Planner on your iPad, you have a handy and mobile tool ready to assist you in organizing your life and achieving success.

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How to Import Planner into GoodNotes or Notability

HOW TO USE hyperlinks in Goodnotes 5

HOW TO USE hyperlinks in Notability

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