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How To Do Calligraphy on GoodNotes like in Procreate for Header and Title

How To Do Calligraphy on GoodNotes like in Procreate

How To Do Calligraphy on GoodNotes like in Procreate

Have you seen how awesome it is to make calligraphy Header in Procreate? Do you want to repeat this experience and make title  in GoodNotes 5 - let's try

How To Do Calligraphy on GoodNotes like in Procreate tutorial

Lets make cool Title in GoodNotes 5

  • Take Brush Pen
  • Line thickness - 0.5
  • Line Color Black
GoodNotes Brush Tool for calligraphy on goodnotes
Handwriting notes and text in goodnotes 5


Brush Pen allows you to simulate a calligraphy brush with a proprietary. 

Write any heading using different pressure when writing, so your text will look more beautiful



Select Lasso Tool, select the written text and copy it to the clipboard

Lasso tool for select and copy objects in goodnotes 5
copy handwriting text in goodnotes



Paste the copied text and change its color, use the lasso tool again to select the copied text, and bring up the menu for changing the color

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Little trick for Goodnotes 5 Lasso tool can select separate types of objects even if they are layered on top of each other - double-click on the lasso tool, turn on or off the sliders next to the type of objects you need to select - text, handwritten notes, photos.

How to select different objects in goodnotes
colored handwriting text above black color handwriting

So, move the painted color over the black text, the black text in the notes will act as a shadow. 

Paste the previously copied text again

continue to create a title in goodnotes 5, similar to a Procreate header

Take the Erase tool, erase horizontally half of the handwritten note

Erase tool in goodnotes
Select the lasso tool and change the color of the selected text

Select the lasso tool and change the color of the selected text

Move the half text over the main text

Move the half text over the main text
choose line thickness in goodnotes for Ball Pen

The final touch is to circle the text with a black pen

This is how our Calligraphic Header looks like, which we made with the help of Brush Pen and Lasso Tool in GoodNotes 5, it took me a few minutes to complete this task. Share your results on Instagram and tag me in your posts @ipadplanner

Cool Header in Goodnotes with Brush Pen and Lasso Tool
make colored dots with brush pen

I have one more useful tip for making your text or headline, in goodness, more interesting. Choosing brush pen again, choosing the colors of our handwritten title in turn Long press on one place - draw colored dots.

how to make title in goodnotes similar to procreate header
GoodNotes Digital Hobonichi Planner
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Of course, GoodNotes 5 at the moment cannot replace Procreate, because these are two different applications, GoodNotes is the best application for notes on the iPad and annotations of pdf files. 

Procreate is the best app for drawing on iPad using Apple Pencil. But gradually GoodNotes introduced new tools and new features for handwritten notes that make it more convenient. 

 I'm waiting for GoodNotes to add the ability to change the transparency of the notes, this will give impetus to more creativity and visual aesthetics. At the moment, we have to get out and create headlines with those that are in GoodNotes. For a quick and accurate Header, this is probably the best solution.


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DET Davis - January 4, 2021

Thank you for this quick tutorial. I am new to digital planning and love learning new things. Great job!

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