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Does Franklin Covey Have a Digital Planner?

Does Franklin Covey Have a Digital Planner?

Making the shift from paper to digital planning is a major transition, particularly for longtime users of the Franklin Covey Planner.

Transitioning from traditional paper planning to digital planning is a significant step for many, especially for those who have relied on the Franklin Covey Planner for years. Franklin Covey, renowned for its paper-based planning systems, does not currently offer a dedicated digital version of their classic planner. However, there are excellent digital alternatives that can provide a seamless transition and cater to the needs of modern planners.

Digital Daily Franklin Covey Planner



Why Consider a Digital Planner?

Digital planners bring numerous advantages over traditional paper planners, including:

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Easily update and rearrange plans without the mess of crossing out or erasing.
  • Accessibility: Access your pdf daily planner across multiple devices, ensuring you always have your schedule at your fingertips.
  • Integration with Apps: Sync with other productivity tools and apps, enhancing your planning and task management capabilities.

Introducing the iPad Daily Planner: Your Key to Success in Digital Planning

For those seeking a digital alternative similar to the Franklin Planner, the iPad Planner is a professional planning system that aligns with the core principles of effective planning. Designed for use with GoodNotes, Notability, Noteshelf, and other popular note-taking apps, this planner provides a comprehensive framework for goal setting in digital planning and daily planning.

Rainbow digital daily franklin planner for goodnotes and notability

Key Features of the iPad Planner

The iPad Planner focuses on various aspects of personal and professional development, ensuring a balanced approach to digital planning:

  1. Professional Planning System: Easily transfer or copy notes from one page to another using the hyperlink system in Digital Franklin Planner for iPad air, iPad mini and iPad pro
  2. My Daily Planner: The classic design of the daily page will make you happy, the field for prioritising ABC tasks, the field for planning by time make my Daily Planner one of the best digital planners for iPad..
  3. Year in Review: Briefly plan the entire year in one spread
  4. Planning the week: minimalistic weekly page design in my digital planner
  5. Additional monthly pages of notes: each month +10 additional pages, but if you need special pages for each day (e.g. for business notes during meetings) then it is better to use the Best Digital Daily Planner called 2 in 1.
    Digital Franklin Covey Planner with and additional daily notes page template

How to Transition from Paper to Digital Planning

Transitioning from a Franklin Covey paper planner to a digital planner involves a few simple steps:

  1. Choose a Device: Most users prefer an iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini due to its compatibility with Apple Pencil and various note-taking apps.
  2. Choose an App: GoodNotes, Notability, Noteshelf, and ZoomNotes are among the best apps for digital planning.
  3. Choose a Digital Daily Planner or Digital Weekly Planner template: The iPad Planner is a versatile option that replicates the functionality of traditional planners in a digital download.


The Best Apps for Digital Planning on iPad

  1. GoodNotes: Ideal for those who prefer handwriting notes and planning. It offers a user-friendly interface and robust organizational tools.
  2. Notability: Known for its multimedia integration, allowing users to add images, audio, and more to their notes. Especially Notability is sometimes one of the best apps for handwritten notes because they were the first to introduce a voice recorder with handwritten note synchronisation. It is just the right thing for students or teachers as well as business people who take notes in a meeting.
  3. Noteshelf: Provides a seamless experience with excellent handwriting recognition and syncing capabilities.
Franklin Covey digital planner for goodnotes. for notability and for ipad

Free Digital Planner Download

If you want to try a free Franklin Covey Digital Planner 2024 2025 2026 version, you can request a GoodNotes Planner Template or Notability Daily Planner by contacting us at This allows you to explore the benefits of digital planning without any initial investment.


Switching from a traditional Franklin Covey planner to a digital planner can significantly enhance your productivity and organization. With the iPad Planner, you can maintain the structured approach you are used to while enjoying the flexibility and convenience of digital planning. Whether you're a teacher, a business professional, or a student, the iPad Planner is designed to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals efficiently.


For more information on how to get started with digital planning and to explore our range of planners, visit our website and embark on a journey towards more effective and efficient planning.

 Digital Franklin Covey Troubleshooting and FAQs

  1. How to use a Digital Franklin Planner 
    You will need:
    An iPad
    Apple Pencil
    App for handwritten notes and digital planning - GoodNotes or Notability or Noteshelf
    The Digital Planner itself with hyperlinks for navigation.
    Then - it's just like a paper planner, plan, take notes

  2. Where can i buy Digital Franklin Covey Planner
    The best digital planner shop with different planner orientations - in horizontal orientation and - vertical orientation is My Daily Planner

  3. Does franklin planner have an app
    The company Franklin Covey once developed a calendar app, but for unknown reasons the project was closed. That's why the Franklin Planner PDP was created. 
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