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How To Copy or duplicate A Page In GoodNotes 5 tutorial

How To Copy A Page In GoodNotes 5-6

What to do if you do not have enough space for notes in your pdf document for GoodNotes - read in this tutorial.

I know two ways to duplicate a page in a good notes

1) First Way

In the upper right corner, click the button in three dots, then click Сopy Pages.

How to copy a page in goodnotes tutorial

To paste the previously copied page

- Add page 

- Paste

How to paste a page in goodnotes 5 tutorial

Important addition You can paste the page you copied anywhere in the document. Scroll to or open any page after which you want to paste the copied page, and then do the paste

Paste the page menu in goodnotes
original and duplicated page template in goodnotes 5

2) Second way

This way of duplicating the page right after the original page. This method is suitable if you need to duplicate a page for notes (for example)


  • Open the page overview
  • Click the little page menu button 
  • Duplicate


how to duplicate a page in goodnotes with page oreview tool

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