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Notability How To Add a Page or Duplicate pages in 2024

Notability How To Add a Page or Duplicate pages in 2024

How To Add A Page in Notability app [Updated for 2024]

Today we will talk about:

  1. How to Add New Page in Notability
  2. How to Change Notability Page Template 
  3. New 2024 updates in Notability app ( positive and negative sides )
  4. How to customize Notability tool bar

It's been years since I first discovered Notability as one of the best notes apps for the ipad. In light of recent updates to the app, the way you add new pages in Notability has changed a bit, I'll show you how it used to be and how to add new pages and modify templates in Notability now



If you need to insert a blank sheet for additional notes  in the current day

  • A) Open Page View
  • B) Page additional menu
  • C) Add Page

add page in notability between another pages

how to add a page in notability

Vertical Digital Daily Weekly Planner for Notability

To insert a new page into your Digital Notability Planner or your Digital Journal

  1. Open the page overview
  2. Select the page after which you want to insert the template
  3. Click on the page menu button (bottom left corner of the page)
  4. Click add new page ( the new page will be added after the selected page, keep this in mind for proper template placement).

 notability tutorial

How to change the design of the Notability template page

Next step is to change the template design, by default the page will be clean.

  • Select the desired page (in page view mode)
  • Open template settings
  • Select any template from the Notability library.
  • Optionally select the color of the future page and click Apply.

!!! Note that I noticed a small bug in this item, if the size of the template is different from the size of the page you added to your digital planner for notability, then the new template for some reason is applied to all pages of your document,
But if the template from the library is smaller than the size of the page you added, everything will be fine.

How to change page design in Notability

 Grid Notability page template

This Notability tutorial can to solve the main issue is how do I add pages for a date when I need more room for a date

Look at my digital planner templates for Notability hereDigital Daily Notability Planner

Digital Daily Weekly Notability Digital Planner


Hobonichi digital planner for notability

Hobonichi Digital Planner for Notability



What updates Notability has made in 2024 ?

Notability 2024 updates 

Now all tools are in one toolbar . If some tool is missing - just swipe your finger to the side like a slider and a new part of tools for working with notes will open.

Notability tool bar

Movable toolbar. The Notability toolbar can now be placed on any side of the screen by simply swiping the toolbar with your finger.

Customizable elements. Now you can choose colors and styles for your panel, it is very convenient to customize Notability to your personal taste.

Notability Tool Bar

Lightweight clean design.

Now all your focus will be on note taking, digital planning on your iPad . There are no unnecessary elements on the screen, all the screen space is taken up by your digital journal or planner page.

Search Engine. It has been moved to the document library so that it doesn't distract from your notes, and the search system itself is now even more convenient, by document content and by tags

How do I customize Notability Toolbar to fit my needs?

  • Swipe the toolbar ribbon to the side
  • Click on the settings button
  • Activate and deactivate the buttons you want to use for your work (laser pointer, zoom, navigation, ruler...).

how to customize Notability toolbar

I have to be honest and tell about the negative changes in Notability in 2024, namely the paid subscription to Plan Plus at 16.95 usd per year (their competitor Goodnotes 6 has made Life Time pay about 30 dollars).
and Notability is now an additional annual fee.

What is included in this Notability Plus subscription?

  • Recognizing and converting handwritten notes to text.
  • Audio transcription of voice to text
  • Access to a library of premium templates and planners for Notability.

We'll see what else Notability has in store for us as time goes on.

For now, please visit my main site and see what I have in store for one of the best handwritten notes apps on iPad for Notability.

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