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Notability How To Add a Page or Duplicate pages

Notability How To Add a Page or Duplicate pages

  If you need to add pages in Notability for a digital planner or journal for planning or note-taking: 

  There are two ways:

  1. Duplicate the current page template
  2. Insert a blank page and change its design


Notability tutorial - how to duplicate page in Notability

1) Open Page View

2) Open Page menu for page you want to duplicate

3) Copy page


Notability page view for work with a pages

4) Select the page in to paste the copied after it

5) Paste the page


Page template in Notability

Both pages will retain navigation links, but the original page will be the master page. To open a duplicate page - you will need to manually scroll through the pages.


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2) How To Add A Page in Notability

 If you need to insert a blank sheet for additional notes  in the current day

A) Open Page View

B) Page additional menu

C) Add Page

add page in notability between another pages

 Now you need to change page design

1) Select blank page

2) Open additional menu

3) Page

4) Choose lined or grid or dotted notability page template

5) Choose a color for this page 

How to change page design in Notability

 Grid Notability page template

 This Notability tutorial can to solve the main issue is how do I add pages for a date when I need more room for a date

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