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Digital Hobonichi Grey Planner for GoodNotes and Notability


Digital Hobonichi Techo planner for iPad note-taking apps: GoodNotes, Noteshelf, Notability - you need one of these apps to use my digital planner.

This planner is PDF files with hyperlinks for quick navigation. It is easy to use and comfortable for handwriting with an apple pencil on all iPad tablets.


  1. Take iPad with Apple Pencil
  2. Install one of these note-taking apps - GoodNotes, Notability, Noteshelf, ZoomNotes, or PDF Expert (only 1 app)
  3. Import my planner there

Monday start calendar and Sunday start calendar

Calendar start - August 2021 - Calendar End July 2023 (24 months)

You can use this Daily Planner for daily planning, weekly planning, and monthly digital planning.

Planner contains around 770 pages and 152,328 hyperlinks for quick navigation between dates.

The Hobo Planner contains:

  • Monthly Pages
  • Weekly Pages
  • Daily Pages
  • Year Planner pages
  • Additional pages

Video Tutorials

If you have any questions about digital planning in current planners - email me or DM me on Instagram @ipadplanner.

Hyperlinked Digital Daily Weekly Hobo planner for GoodNotes and Notability iPad planning.