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2024-2025 Franklin Covey Digital Daily Planner PDF for digital planning


Introducing the Franklin GoodNotes Planner for Digital Planning, an Apple Pen compatible PDF planner specifically designed for GoodNotes and other popular note-taking apps. This planner spans from June 2024 to  May 2026, offering comprehensive daily inserts to facilitate your planning needs.

How to Use Your Digital Planner:

  1. Start with your iPad and a stylus for an interactive experience.
  2. Install GoodNotes, Notability, or Noteshelf – whichever suits your preference.
  3. Import the PDF planner and begin organizing your schedule effortlessly.

Versatile Use for Various Needs:

  • Perfect for daily and weekly planning, business projects, travel planning, and as a digital bullet journal.
  • Includes digital stickers for personalization and creative planning.

Efficient Navigation:

  • Our planner features a Monday start calendar and over 1365pages with 360,574 links.
  • Comprehensive layout includes yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages.
  • 18 additional tabs for organizing various projects and goals.

Creating a Digital Planner:

  • Crafting these planners is a meticulous process, but we strive to deliver the best for our clients.
  • Franklin Covey Digital Planner 2024: Your ultimate planning companion for the years ahead.

Key Benefits:

  • Free Digital Planner Download: Explore our digital daily planner template with a complimentary trial,  just email our team at
  • Best Digital Daily Planner: Recognized for its user-friendly design and extensive features.
  • Apple Pen Compatibility: Ensures a seamless and intuitive planning experience.

Please Note:

  • Digital products, including the "Franklin Covey Digital Planner," are non-refundable and intended for personal use only.

Plan your days with precision using the Franklin GoodNotes Planner, the best digital planner for those who appreciate detailed organization and digital efficiency.

Video Tutorial

How to Import Planner into GoodNotes or Notability

HOW TO USE hyperlinks in Goodnotes 5

HOW TO USE hyperlinks in Notability