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iPad Pro with digital goodnotes planner in it and advice

What's the best iPad for Digital Planning?

If you choose which iPad to buy or are thinking of changing your old one, read this article carefully.

Digital PDF Planner for daily planning in iPad

What's the most important thing about an iPad for digital planning?

   1) Does the iPad support Apple Pencil (Many iPads support Apple Pencil 1 or 2. For example, iPad 6, 7, iPad Air 2019, iPad Mini 2019. You can see the full list on the Apple website)

Apple Pencil 1st generation vs Apple Pencil 2nd generaion

2) How much memory do you need for digital planning - choose an iPad with at least 64 megabytes.

    My old iPad Pro 2017 has 32 gigabytes; I had to buy additional virtual storage in the end. Of course, the planners did NOT take place.
I just wanted to install a bunch of programs that ate the place.

    I think you will have it this way, so choose a minimum of 64 gigabytes, or better 128 or 256


Digital Hobonichi Techo Planner with daily insert for goodnotes

     If you only use your tablet for scheduling in the form of handwritten notes, then you will use your space sparingly. But if you use photos or digital stickers, then very soon, you will eat a couple of gigabytes of pictures alone.

Please take a closer look at our GoodNotes & Notability Planners

2021 2022 digital hobonichi planner for ipad

iPad Daily Planner $39.95

Daily spread for 2 dates. Grid page design.

24 hourly digital planner for goodnotes

Colorful 24 hour Planner $25

24 hourly time slots at Weekly and Daily Pages.

Digital Daily Franklin Planner 2021 for goodnotes

Digital Daily Planner $25

GoodNotes & Notability Daily Planner. 


    3) Support for note-taking applications - for example, Notability or GoodNotes 5 or Noteshelf. Over time, I will review these applications, but for now, I will say - if you have opened the AppStore and can install one of these applications for notes and annotations of PDF files - your iPad is suitable for planning

     But what if you don't have an Apple Pencil and you don't want to buy it.
Then you can buy any alternative stylus for your iPad.
The most important thing you should check is whether the iPad recognizes palm touches in conjunction with this stylus.

       Cheap Chinese styluses do not work very conveniently. When you put your hand on the iPad and write - your notes will get confused and deleted. You can see my old review of the no-name stylus.

One of the best alternative digital planning styluses is Logitech Krayon.

     To summarize - I installed a note-taking app, imported one of my planners there, grabbed a suitable stylus, and plunged into the digital planning community.

P.S. Digital planners are saving nature. Because they don't have to cut down trees. You will quickly become paperless

ipad pro with a pdf digital planner near mack book with a clock screensaver


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