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GoodNotes 5 Tutorial How to erase space, how to delete files from recycle bin and up its work

How to delete unnecessary files from the recycle bin in Goodnotus 5 to speed up its work and free up space

To increase free space on your iPad and delete old files in GoodNotes 5, you must permanently delete files if you are not using them. Let's see how to do it.

After you have opened GoodNotes 5, go to the main page with files. Click on the icon in the gear in the right corner.


GoodNotes main page with planners and files

In the submenu that opens, select the "Trash" button.


GoodNotes 5 Trash Bin Button

Click on the button - Select.

GoodNotes Select button for select files inside goodnotes 5

Select the files between GoodNotes journal what you want to delete permanently, or you can click on the Select All button.

After Selecting files for permanent deletion - Click on the Delete button.

Selected files in GoodNotes 5 before deleting out from Trash Bin

When all or selected files have removed, click the Done button.

empty trash bin in goodnotes 5
After this deletion of files from the recycle bin, their recovery will become impossible. Be careful; there will be no return.

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Aatie - November 14, 2020

Your step-by-step tutorial is really useful for a beginner like me! I look forward to learning more, thank you.

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