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Unlocking the Creative Potential of GoodNotes 6 for Digital Planning

Unlocking the Creative Potential of GoodNotes 6 for Digital Planning

As a digital planning enthusiast, I've always been fascinated by the myriad of possibilities that apps like GoodNotes offer. It's not just a tool for note-taking; it's a canvas for creativity, especially in the realm of digital planning. Here, I'll share some ingenious ways to leverage GoodNotes, transforming the mundane into something truly magical.

GoodNotes 6 app for ipad note taking

1) The Screenshot Trick: A Simple Yet Effective Solution

One of my favorite tricks in GoodNotes is what I call the 'screenshot trick.' It's a straightforward yet overlooked feature that can significantly enhance your digital planning experience. By using the lasso tool to capture an empty spot in your planner, you can create a screenshot to cover up unwanted elements. This trick is particularly useful for customizing templates to your liking. 

GoodNotes 6 lasso tool tips and tricks

GoodNotes 6 lasso tool tips and tricks

2) The Whiteout Trick: Effortlessly Erase and Customize

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most effective. The whiteout trick in GoodNotes allows you to easily erase or cover parts of your planner. By selecting a white pen or a color that matches your planner's theme, you can seamlessly blend in changes without disrupting the overall aesthetic. 

GoodNotes 6 white pen tips and tricks

Digital Franklin Daily Planner for GoodNotes 6

3) Color Dropper Hack: Perfect Color Matching Made Easy

Matching colors can be a tedious task, but not with GoodNotes. The hidden color dropper feature is a game-changer. By  using the color dropper tool, you can effortlessly match and replicate colors, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing design.

GoodNotes 6 color dropper feature

GoodNotes 6 color dropper feature

4) Magic Elements: Bringing Your Digital Planner to Life

The concept of 'magic elements' in GoodNotes is fascinating. These are essentially fonts or icons that you can color and resize, adding a dynamic and interactive element to your planner. Whether it's through downloaded dingbat fonts or creating your own elements, the possibilities are endless. 

GoodNotes 6 Magic Elements

GoodNotes 6 Magic Elements



Text Boxes and External Links: A New Dimension of Customization

GoodNotes goes beyond basic text input. By experimenting with text boxes, you can create unique designs that resemble stickers or buttons. Additionally, the ability to add external links opens up a world of interactivity, allowing you to connect your planner to external resources seamlessly. 

GoodNotes 6 Text border style

GoodNotes 6 text border style
How to add exernal hyperlink in GoodNotes 6

Final Thoughts: The Art of Digital Planning

Digital planning in GoodNotes is not just about organization; it's an art form. With these creative tips and tricks, you can transform your digital planner into a personalized masterpiece that not only helps you stay organized but also sparks joy and creativity in your daily life.

Rainbow digital planner template for goodnotes

Rainbow digital Franklin daily planner for GoodNotes

 Digital Black Daily Franklin Planner template for GoodNotes 6

Digital Black Daily Franklin Planner template for GoodNotes 6

In conclusion, GoodNotes offers an incredible platform for digital planning, blending functionality with creativity. By exploring these creative ways to use the app, you can elevate your digital planning experience, making it more efficient, personalized, and enjoyable.

Vertical Digital Franklin Planner

Vertical Digital Daily planner for goodnotes 6

Digital Weekly Planner Pad for GoodNotes 6

Digital Weekly Planner Pad Template for GoodNotes 6

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