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Digital-PDF Hobo Techo Planner - Your Ultimate iPad Companion!


Elevate your planning experience with the Digital-PDF Hobo Techo planner, designed exclusively for use with popular PDF annotation apps such as GoodNotes, Noteshelf, and Notability. Compatible with iPad Pro, Air, Mini, and more, this planner is your essential tool for digital organization.

🌟 Key Features:

  • Seamless Compatibility: This planner is tailored for apps like GoodNotes, Noteshelf, and Notability, ensuring a smooth and intuitive planning process on your iPad device.

  • Hyperlinks for Effortless Navigation: Navigate through your planner with ease, thanks to hyperlinks that make jumping between dates a breeze.

  • User-Friendly and Handwriting-Ready: Craft your plans comfortably with an Apple Pencil on any iPad tablet. Our planner's PDF format offers a perfect canvas for digital handwriting.

🔥 Get Started in Three Simple Steps:

  1. Equip Yourself: Grab your iPad and Apple Pencil.

  2. Choose Your App: Install your preferred note-taking app from the selection - GoodNotes, Notability, Noteshelf, ZoomNotes, or PDF Expert (pick one).

  3. Import and Organize: Effortlessly import the planner into your chosen app and get ready to dive into enhanced organization.

🗓️ Your Planning Arsenal:

Receive not one, but two Digital Daily Planners! Choose between a Monday or Sunday start calendar. The planner spans from August 2023 to July 2025, granting you 24 months of versatile planning possibilities.

✨ Adaptability at Its Best:

Crafted for daily, weekly, and monthly planning, our Digital-PDF Hobo Techo Planner empowers you to shape your days, weeks, and months with precision.

📚 What's Inside:

Immerse yourself in a planner that encompasses approximately 960 pages, linked by an astounding 152,328 hyperlinks. Seamlessly navigate between dates, turning your digital planning into a seamless journey.

🎬 Dive into Tutorials:

For a seamless experience, explore our video tutorials:

  1. How to Import Planner into GoodNotes or Notability.

  2. Mastering Hyperlinks in GoodNotes 5.

  3. Unleashing Hyperlinks in Notability.

Stay Ahead with the Latest:

Stay in the loop with updates, as we continue to enhance your planning experience. The planner has been updated as of 11/08/2023.

Have Questions?

Need guidance on digital planning? Feel free to reach out:

Email: Instagram: @ipadplanner

Elevate your digital planning game and experience the future of organization. Unleash your creativity and efficiency with the Digital-PDF Hobo Techo Planner today!

══ Video Tutorial ══ 

How to Import Planner into GoodNotes or Notability

HOW TO USE hyperlinks in Goodnotes 5

HOW TO USE hyperlinks in Notability

updated 11/08/2023

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