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How to delete pages and covers in GoodNotes 5 - iPad Planner

How to delete pages and covers in GoodNotes 5

 Open a document from your library

Goodnotes tutorial
1) Tap on the thumbnail view

Goodnote 5 template
2) Tap the Select button in the upper right

Digital Planning

3) Tap on the pages you want to delete

4) Tap Trash at the top

Goodnotes app

5) Tap Done in the upper right

Goodnotes 5 tips and tricks
6) Tap Close in the upper left 

Goodnotes 5 digital planner template

Deleting cover pages
Notebook covers in GoodNotes are technically just a regular page. They can be deleted following the exact same steps as above. You can also create new notebooks without covers by choosing "no cover" in the covers section when creating a new notebook

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