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GoodNotes How To Copy and Paste Text, Photo, Notes ipadplanner.com

GoodNotes How To Copy and Paste Text, Photo, Notes?

Goodnotes copy paste lasso tool tutorial

GoodNotes, unlike other note-taking apps on the iPad, has a universal tool for copying and pasting any part of notes, typed text, or photos - This is Lasso Tool

GoodNotes Lasso Tool for selection, copy and paste ipadplanner.com

Double Click on the Lasso Tool and you will see an additional menu.


  • Handwriting 
  • Images
  • Text Boxes


This is where the magic comes in if you like to take mixed notes, where the typed text is intertwined with handwritten notes and all this is spiced up with juicy photos or digital stickers. 

Suppose you try to immediately use the lasso tool to copy a specific part of the notes separately. Most likely, you will highlight a lot of unnecessary things.

2021 2022 digital weekly planner for goodnotes ipadplanner.com

How to copy and paste items in GoodNotes

As I showed above, you can choose which type of elements you will interact with. 

For example, I selected Text only. 

Lasso Tool menu for separate selection of text, notes and images ipadplanner.com

- Select lasso tool.

- Turn on Text Boxes

- Uncheck the Handwriting and Images

- Highlight the text you want 

- Short press Select copy 

copy and paste in goodnotes 5 ipadplanner.com


To paste the copied text

- Touch the stylus in the desired place 

- Hold it for a few seconds In the menu that opens, 

- Select - Insert

paste copied text to any page in goodnotes ipadplanner.com


how  does look copied text with the lasso tool in goodnotes ipadplanner.com

Done, we have copied and pasted the text. By the way, you can scroll to any other page and paste the copied text wherever you want.

See How I Copied goodnotes Digital Stickers - Images

goodnotes digital stickers in ipad weekly planner ipadplanner.com

To not make erroneous selections - I turned on the image checkbox separately, then I copied the digital sticker myself and then pasted it many times.

The Lasso Tool is a very handy tool inside the GoodNotes.

 You can copy and paste any text or images or handwritten notes. I hope this GoodNotes tutorial was useful to you, share it with your friends on Facebook.

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