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Weekly Planners

Digital Weekly Planner for iPad

Are your office desk drawers filled with big paper notebooks you keep for important notes page? You`d like a fashionable mini bag or a stylish briefcase to go to business meetings, but there will be no place to put the large diary and notebook in?

The weekly digital planner is like a classical paper planner, complementing it with advanced features of good useful options and planning your schedule properly.

Nowadays, custom digital planners are the best for business. A tool like a smart weekly planner is an excellent solution for those who work in the office, on outsourcing, or are faced with regular travel.

What makes digital weekly planners attractive

The weekly hourly planner is a familiar visual analog of a small paper notebook, but with pretty symbols, convenient settings, and amazing cool options. The screen clearly shows task lists, notes pages, priorities, plans, calls, etc.

The simple weekly calendar planner for GoodNotes and Notability allows you to focus on a page, expand the information to the full screen, make it minimal, or get the week view or monthly organized, detailed notability.

Digital Planners may be of different types, like:

  • dated/undated weekly planner;

  • weekly planner with times (time slots).


Buying and using the best weekly planner will no longer be a need for paper diaries and calendars or standard integrated programs. You will be sure to control your schedule, the day will become orderly, and you will become organized and calmer. A cheap but cute weekly planner gives you confidence that everything is going according to the plan.